Scan-N-Track Application : One App Can Do It All

Scan-N-Track application is developed by Topcone Inc (

We at Topcone have been providing custom software development services to many clients since 2005. Our expertise is in development of Databases, Web Applications, Software solutions, Portals and Mobile apps based on our client's specific requirements. We have enabled many businesses to harness the power of technology to increase their productivity, enhance their bottom line and take their business to the next level.

It’s a universal scanning tool that allows the users to identify and tag what they want to track and create custom code for the same. Scan-n-track QR and text codes enable the person scanning to provide info and be able to communicate with the person who has created the code as well as enable the users tracking what they want to track, they are also communicating with their audiences.

Scan-N-Track finds extensive use in 

·        Employee on-Site and In-Field tracking
·        Service Calls Tracking in Property Management
·        Service Calls Tracking for Equipments
·        Deliveries


·        Workforce track work hours and lunch Breaks
·        All QR codes will remain active till your account is active
·        Track results on the Map
·        Track the results from the Scan-N-Track Dashboard/Portal
·        Connect data to your system Via API (Optional)
·        Texting option available (requires connecting to your texting account)

We are bringing hi-tech software solutions for business application without the high price tag; create a custom tracking system for your business.

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